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Erasmus+ grant for the ANGLE project

8/26/2020 category: information others grants 

Scientists from Polish Pension Group (PPG-SGH) are members of the international team that received a 3-year grant from Erasmus+ for the project “A Network Game for Life-cycle Education” (ANGLE).

The project leader is CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto with Elsa Fornero as the principal investigator. The international partnership consists of institutions from 5 different countries: ST Skills Together Srls (IT), Research Institute of the Finnish Economy – ETLA (FI), Université Paris Dauphine (FR)Tilburg University (NL), Warsaw School of Economics (PL), Push-Palermo Urban Solutions Hub (IT), Nibud-Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting (NL). The Polish team leader is Joanna Rutecka-Góra from Institute of Statistics and Demography and PPG-SGH.

The main objective of the project is to promote and enhance younger generations’ financial literacy, through the production of innovative technologies of education, such as a role game and on-line tools. ANGLE will adopt a life-cycle perspective, helping the young, in particular university students, to consider a long-time horizon and think about the future consequences of their decisions. more...

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