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Retreat from manadatory pension funds in CEE countries

1/29/2016 category: own research grants expert reports 

​​A research team led by Dariusz Stańko has conducted a study financed by NCN on the reversal of pension reforms in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Their report presents the results of a research project on the assessment of reversals  in a multi-pension systems in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It assesses changes in the functioning of the pension systems, performance of pension funds, the impact of pension reforms on the situation of public finances and assessment of the implicit debt. The report also presents an assessment of the impact of changes on individual pensions, which depends on the solutions of national pension systems, age and income level of workers. We also present recommendations for the method of accounting for pension reform costs from the perspective of assessing the stability of public finances. The conclusions suggest that abandoning pension reforms resulted primarily from the effects of the global crisis on public finances. In countries where the transition costs of reform were financed mainly from public debt the diversion from the original pension reform concept was permanent.

Research report: Report CEE reversals - final.pdf

review by prof. M. Żukowski: Recenzja prof  Zukowski.pdfRecenzja prof Zukowski.pdf

review by prof. K. Marchewka-Bartkowiak: Recenzja prof Marchewka-Bartkowiak.pdfRecenzja prof Marchewka-Bartkowiak.pdf

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