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The Polish Pension Group SGH (PPG-SGH) has been established by a group of researchers dealing with pension issues in a broad economic and social context. In the area of our scientific interest a particular emphasis is put on analysing trade-offs between short-term needs and long-term goals of individuals and groups as well as the entire society. PPG-SGH is a platform for various types of cooperation. Our mission is to conduct research and to provide policy advice. PPG’s aims at contributing to a broad and multidisciplinary based approach to pension problems in their 21st century complex background.

PPG activities and goals concentrate on: 

  • ​Project participation in cooperation with researchers from other research institutions;
  • Publishing in professional international journals;
  • Participation in both expert as well as public debates on issues related to pensions, labour market, education, and social policy;
  • Taking part in various public education activities focused on issues covered by PPG’s expertise.



​2nd Transnational Project Meeting of ANGLE

SGH will host the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting of Erasmus+ project ANGLE “A network game for life-cycle education”, led by CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto. The leader of the Polish team is dr hab. Joanna Rutecka-Góra, prof. SGH from Institute of Statistics and Demography, Collegium of Economic Analyses, and Polish Pension Group SGH (PPG-SGH).


Erasmus+ grant for the ANGLE project

Scientists from Polish Pension Group (PPG-SGH) are members of the international team that received a 3-year grant from Erasmus+ for the project “A Network Game for Life-cycle Education” (ANGLE).


ENRSP Prize 2016

In order to promote research concerned with pensions, the European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions offers a prize of 750 euros for an academic paper of exceptional quality in our field of research. The prize is open to everyone who holds an equivalent to a university degree awarded within the last seven years. In case of co-authored papers, the lead author must satisfy the eligibility requirements.


Retreat from manadatory pension funds in CEE countries

A research team led by Dariusz Stańko has conducted a study financed by NCN on the reversal of pension reforms in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Read more about their findings...


Fields of PPG Research

Pension systems are institutional structures for intergenerational exchange. They work in a long time horizon. Income allocation within the pension systems is spread over many decades. Although neither governments nor markets operate in a perspective comparable to the pension one, societies do not have any other kind of institutions that could be used to cope with long-term challenges. Dealing with consequences of population ageing requires going beyond that bipolar way of thinking.