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The Polish Pension Group SGH (PPG-SGH) has been established by a group of researchers dealing with pension issues in a broad economic and social context. In the area of our scientific interest a particular emphasis is put on analysing trade-offs between short-term needs and long-term goals of individuals and groups as well as the entire society. PPG-SGH is a platform for various types of cooperation. Our mission is to conduct research and to provide policy advice. PPG’s aims at contributing to a broad and multidisciplinary based approach to pension problems in their 21st century complex background.

PPG activities and goals concentrate on: 

  • ​Project participation in cooperation with researchers from other research institutions;

  • Publishing in professional international journals; 

  • Participation in both expert as well as public debates on issues related to pensions, labour market, education, and social policy;

  • Taking part in various public education activities focused on issues covered by PPG’s expertise.

 Members of the group