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 Short Bio


Head of Centre for Demography, Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. Irena E. Kotowska is a professor in Economics and Demography, vice-president in Council of Foundation for Polish Science, president of Demographic Sciences Committee in Polish Academy of Sciences and an expert in a team working on family policy programme at the Chancellery of the President of Poland. 

Professor Irena E. Kotowska is an author of many publications on interdependence between demographic and economic processes, in particular on transformation in family and populations structures in liaison with labour market changes. Moreover, she deals with various aspects of public population policy and social policy. 

Being a member of many Polish and international scientific and advisory bodies she conducts research and works on public policy proposals prepared by: Scientific Statistical Council, Government Population Council, the Committee of Labour and Social Policy at Polish Academy of Sciences, the interdisciplinary team on international cooperation at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

She represents Poland in European Statistical Advisory Committee at Eurostat and has been appointed a member of Expert Group on Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion at the European Commission.


 Irena E. Kotowska