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​SGH-CIMA initiative is a result of more than just analysing business environment and the changes it undergoes – it is an expression of anticipation of the accreditation criteria, as well as other standards related to or stemming from the National Qualification Framework. It is also an answer to educational demands of the students enabling them to gain important practical skills, which are of considerable value for employers.

The initiative introduced a qualitative change on the Polish education market. The Programme was established on 1 October 2012 owing to SGH’s efforts and CIMA’s pioneer involvement in terms of cooperation with a Polish university.

SGH earned CIMA’s recognition not only due to the university’s renown, but also – and perhaps primarily – due to the quality of education and its compatibility with professional qualification profile recognised by national and international business. With time, some other Polish universities followed in SGH’s footsteps.

Owing to the fact that the education programme is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), current and future students of SGH have the chance to complete their studies with an additional qualifications which are highly valued on the labour market:

  1. Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA – at first-cycle studies), 
  2. Diploma in Management Accounting (DMA – at second-cycle studies)
  3. Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (ADMA – at second-cycle studies). 

CIMA is an institute educating professionals in the area of financial management. It offers international programme of professional qualification in the field of management accounting. The training programme is dedicated to education of specialists for the needs of work in business. The main area of CIMA’s interest concerning professional competences focuses on the management of an enterprise and the role of strategic information in the process in question. CIMA qualification is very popular among consultants, financial advisors, and management responsible for planning and controlling, as well as persons responsible for the company’s strategy (see more at:

Our students are aware of the value of combining an SGH diploma with CIMA certificate, as attested by the  unwavering interest in the interdisciplinary specializations offered at the university.  

A few words about the beginnings
Information booklet 2017
(Attention! DMA programme code was changed from 23315 to 22438)