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 SGH & CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CBA)

​Instructions for registration and fees for students joining the programme SGH & CIMA CBA since the academic year 2017/2018.   

​Signature ​Course title at the WSE ​ECTS ​CIMA Equivalent
​11056​ ​Accounting ​4 ​​BA3 – Fundamentals of Financial Accounting - the student has received an exemption ​​
​11058 ​​Statistics 7
​​12119 Mathematics of Finance​ 3
​11046 ​Macroeconomics I​ ​6 ​​​​

BA1 – Fundamentals of Business Economics - the student has received an exemption
​​11047 Macroeconomics II 4,5
​11050 Microeconomics I ​6
​11051 Microeconomics II​ ​5
​11054 Basic of Law ​4 ​​BA4 – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Law - the student has received an exemption
​​13211 Business Ethics ​1,5
​​13999 ​​Fundamentals of Management Accounting – Exam in English based on the CIMA standards ​5 ​BA2- Fundamentals of Management Accounting
Step 1 
  • Please read the programme rules before the registration 
  • Go through the pre-registration via the virtual dean's office. Registration deadline ends on 20.10.2017 
  • Wait for registration confirmation email from CIMA which will include your individual ID number (CIMA contact number). An email confirmation will be sent after the close of registration at SGH. 

Step 2 
  • After obtaining your CIMA ID (CIMA contact number), activate your MYCIMA account online (fill in your details by entering exactly the same information as you have already submitted when you registered for the virtual dean's office. Otherwise, it may cause an error on the page). 
  • It is important not to re-register as a CIMA student because you have been already included in the system! 
  • After obtaining a password, copy it (you will be able to change the password after logging in to the account) 
  • Access your MYCIMA account using your personal ID number and password.                                                           

Step 3   

Pay the registration fee of £ 77 (it is a one-time, non-refundable fee) before 1.12.2017. The fee can be paid with credit or debit card (with the possibility of online payment) on the individual MYCIMA account. If you prefer to make the payment in a different way, you can pay the fee by calling our head office in London on +44 (0) 20 8849 2251 or using our service hotline available 24/7 by phone: +44 (0) 20 8602 0861. 

Step 4 
  • Schedule an external exam CIMA (BA2). Find your closest testing center and register for the exam through Pearson VUE search engine. Pass the exam while having the SGH student status. Certificate level exams are computer-based and available on demand throughout the year. 
  • Pay the fee for exemptions from modules BA1, BA3, BA4. Payment must be made on the account in the section Settle my account. You will receive a notification email once your exemptions are added to the account. 

Students participating in the SGH & CIMA CBA programme are exempt from the annual subscription for the whole period of participation in the programme. 
  • CIMA certificates will be issued twice a year.     

To receive a certificate, you must meet certain requirements: 
- pass all exams at SGH which correspond to exemptions at CIMA 
- pay the fee for exemptions from modules on time. If you fail the external exam during your Bachelor’s studies, exemptions will not be granted to your CIMA student account. 
- prepare for the exam! Use our free teaching resources as well as online platform with free learning materials on CIMAconnect.    

What's next? 
  • Join the next stage of the programme: SGH & CIMA DMA or continue CIMA qualification individually and join a group of preeminent members of CIMA. 
  • Stay up-to-date with the news about the programme found on CIMA Poland and on our Facebook funpage CIMAPolska
  • CIMA designatory letters - you deserve them!    

By continuing your education with CIMA and completing all qualification levels, you will not only be entitled for ACMA (CIMA member) but also CGMA​ (Chartered Global Management Accountant) designatory letters, which would mean that your skills are recognized globally and valued in the business world.     

Terms for registration and program fees for students joining the program SGH & CIMA CBA 
which is addressed to the undergraduate students since the academic year 2017/2018  

1. Interdisciplinary specialty programme SGH & CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (SGH & CIMA CBA) is addressed to undergraduate students, especially those studying finance and accounting, as well as management. 
2. SGH & CIMA CBA includes subjects listed in the syllabus (conducted in Polish or English). 
3. Graduates of the program SGH & CIMA CBA - after fulfilling the conditions - obtain the Certificate in Business Accounting issued by CIMA. 
4. Participating in the programme SGH & CIMA CBA is allowed for students who have completed at least the first semester of Bachelor studies at SGH. 
5. A student is admitted to the program SGH & CIMA CBA after the first registration in the Virtual Dean's Office, and then, after receiving - from the SGH coordinator of the programme – the confirmation of the fact of registration at SGH, the student is registered at CIMA. After closing the registration process, students will be registered, about which will be informed by e-mail. 
6. CIMA registration is performed without the participation of SGH, and is based on the CIMA registration sheet after paying the registration fee to CIMA. 
7. After the registration at CIMA, a student obtains SGH CIMA student status, which involves the powers presented at: 
8. The student participating in the program SGH & CIMA CBA has the same rights and obligations as other students from the Warsaw School of Economics. 
9. In order to obtain the Certificate in Business Accounting, the student should: 
a) complete the course of Bachelor studies at SGH program, 
b) pass the exam standardized by CIMA in English: BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting 
c) pay the applicable fees for the exam BA2 and exemptions from the modules BA1, BA3, BA4, 
d) notify (through the coordinator of the program from the Warsaw School of Economics) to the Bachelor Dean's Office (with appropriate documentary evidence) the fact of passing BA2 exam and paying the fees to CIMA. 
10. The student can take the exam (BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting) after paying a fee and registering for the exam.
11. The student who has passed the BA2 exam, obtained 5 ECTS at SGH. 
12. A student who failed the exam BA2, does not receive any document confirming participation in the programme. 
13. In the case where the number of students registered for the program SGH & CIMA CBA is lower than 15, the program will not start. 
14. Students participating in the program SGH & CIMA CBA are exempt from paying for the annual subscription for the whole period of participation in the program. After completing the program, an annual subscription will be calculated according to the current pricelist at CIMA.


​Contact us directly:​

Magdalena Giedroyć, Ph.D.

Student CIMA Ambassador at the Warsaw School of Economics

CIMA Poland
ul. Złota 59
Skylight Building, 11 floor
00-120 Warsaw, Poland
+48 22 222 1990